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Granicavez was founded in February 2002. Its main activity was then the building industry, civil engineering works and excavations works. Later, it decided to acquire its own quarries and to carry out with the transformation of its own granite

During this phase of continuous development, it became necessary to increase the production capacity and the technical means used in the granite transformation processes. With this in mind, the current facilities were built and equipped with a large variety of the most innovative machinery used today in the processing of granite, in order to meet all needs and requests of the market. We focus and rely on innovation in order to cope with the continuous evolution of the markets. Our objective is to target and maintain the highest levels in standards of quality for the products and services supplied by our company.

The objective of creating Granicavez was to provide a response for today's multiple factors, to cope with an increasingly globalized market, to identify and solve new challenges to remain competitive and allow a sustainable development of our company. Granicavez is resolutely on the path of a continuous evolution and development based on essential principles of know-how quality allowing our products and services to go beyond all expectations.

Our main branch of activity is the extraction and processing of granite and the marketing of our natural stone products such as: stone blocks, slabs for floors and walls, cladding, all kinds of pavements, curbs, stairs, doors frames, windows frames, lintels, beams, blocks, columns, pillars, wall coverings, carved stone, fireplaces, mailboxes, balls, tables, benches, etc. Basically almost everything is possible based on the client’s requirements. Together with the products indicated above, we provide other activities such as earthmoving services, excavations, construction and public civil engineering works, rental of construction equipment machinery with driver.

The multiple skills of Granicavez allow us to offer the most various products and services, always based on expertise and quality and already recognized internationally.

Granicavez has achieved the ISO 9001/2008 quality certification delivered by the SGS group for the mining and processing of granite. All laboratory tests required for CE products mark have also been made, in conformity with all the technical specifications of the CE mark.

Granicavez also relies on the quality policy followed by the company and all its employees who are, this way, motivated to work towards the total customer’s satisfaction, always minding to improve the running of the company, in order to be able to meet the challenges of our time and grow together with our customers.

We are a dynamic company whose goal is to constantly develop, based on training, work organization and quality, the latter being a key factor for our employees but above all for the satisfaction of our customers.